The Good, The Bad and The Government

In Africa today it is very easy to blame government and leadership for everything that is not going right in your country. But the problem may not be with the government it could be with the way you think about the government.

Think about it we have supposedly had “incompetent” governments and leaders for many years but still some companies and businesses have used it to their advantage which has in turn made the governance of their business area better.

Take for example Mo Ibrahim, the man acknowledged for kick starting Africa's mobile revolution. At a time when governments had no significant interest in mobile technology and priorities were mainly to provide electricity, housing, water, etc. Mo Ibrahim was one of the pioneering entrepreneurs’ who believed that this technological revolution driven by private sector investment could be done in Africa.

He setup his company Celtel at a time when there was a lot of negativity and investors shied away from what is now the world’s fastest growing market for mobile phones.

I’m not saying governments are perfect or that governance doesn’t need to improve what I am saying is if you are focusing too much on governments problems and not enough on the solution to your problems then you could be unknowingly setting yourself up to fail.

You need to go out there and find out exactly what government is doing, where they are going wrong with regards to your line of business. That will help you see clearly how to create a balance and make the best out of what they have to offer.

I urge anybody who is in business to ignore the negative voices who say certain things cannot be achieved in Africa because of bad government and leadership because they are wrong and their rhetoric is just going to hold you back from achieving what you set out to do.

I know some of you reading this post will not get the point I am trying to make and I totally understand, but If you are one that got my message then at this point you should be thinking to yourself “how do I avoid this negativity?”

The answer ; It’s not just okay to be positive, the way to avoid negative and distracting people and their rhetoric is to work so fast that you are ahead of them focus on solutions not problems, hope not fear . If you don’t want to be bugged down by this people get busy on achieving your goals.

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