Why "Figuring Out" Should Matter More Than "Asking How" in Africa

In Africa one of the biggest challenges many of our countries face today is that we always seem to be looking to the outside for answers. There comes a point in time when we have to start figuring out the answers ourselves.

Because learning how to solve problems, learning how to find answers, being curious enough to find out solutions on your own is how successful countries are built

When we started SAPIS in 2013 our aim was to help drive FDI into the Real Estate sector and today we realise for us to achieve that goal we have to divert more of our attention to making Africa a more Attractive place to invest.

Because foreign investment is reluctant to go anywhere where there is no local investment, its the local investment that will be able to drag in the foreign investment.

Foreign investors are not fools, no matter how attractive it seems they will not come in unless they see local investment and progress , because they will believe that there is something that is wrong they cannot see, which you can see and is the reason you are not investing.

If we are always looking to say "what should we do?" and trying to get answers from sources outside then we would always be at a loss because they can't know what they don't know.

So it is time now for all African countries and people to take charge of and believe in our ability to control our own destiny, we don't have to have the answers, its okay if we fail because no one will count our failures if we get it right just once.

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