Turning Our Small Problems Into Big Solutions

We have about a billion people in Africa toady and everyone needs to be housed. There are so many studies that have been carried out by different organisations and analyst that show that a huge chunk of Africa population do not have adequate housing. It is also reported that there is currently mass urbanization taking place

If you look at the value chain for affordable housing you will realise that most stake holders are missing something and this is making it seem virtually impossible to come up with solutions to overcome this challenge that we are facing on the continent today.

In order for us to make rapid positive impact on the continents housing sector we needed to look for a way to fix that value chain to make it work.

We must enhance the speed at which we solve small practical problems that are being faced by individual stakeholders in the value chain.

That is why today our slogan at SAPIS is "Building New Partnerships To Drive Growth" because I founded SAPIS on the premise of building partnerships between stakeholders that will solve particular problems and fill in the missing links.

With technology available today we can achieve it at great speeds. And If we sum up these individual problems solved it will ultimately result to a bigger solution for our housing crisis.

Some people think overcoming the housing challenge Africa is facing today is a task that cannot be achieved in our life time. I say to those people "YOU HAVE THE WRONG DATA!"

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