A Way to Rapidly Boost Leadership In Africa

Our Way to Rapidly Boost Leadership In Africa
We always hear Analysts say that Africa lacks the critical mass of leaders if needs to drive the transformation that will make it a global leader. How serious are we taking this very important narrative?

History has proven that we cannot rely on governments and our educational systems to help us build leaders at the rate that we need to make any significant impact.

In my opinion  we need to come up with innovative ways to rapidly transfer "good quality knowledge" to prospective leaders across the continent.

One way that has been effective for us at SAPIS is the use of technology to enhance peer-based learning that provides people with practical solutions to problems they may have.

We are leaders that are not just here to talk and fade away but leadership that have the ability to deliver. Leaders who do not want to keep procrastinate forever and who do not want to continue living with the terrible consequences of having a two class society. #buildingabetterAfrica

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