What YOU Believe Is True! Take Control Of Your Truth

We are currently carrying out a study on the housing deficit in the Sub-Saharan Africa which involves us interviewing stakeholders at all levels within the region. During one such interview with a property developer from the West African region, I asked "So what do you really think about the housing situation?" and his response was "people are going through a lot and they are resigned to finding a way just to survive in the middle of their discomfort you know just like getting comfortable in the mud."

His statement struck a cord, because my entrepreneurial journey has built in me a strong belief that knowledge is power, and that if you are trapped in a bad situation then you definitely have the wrong knowledge and you are imprisoned by your own mind.

So I spent the next hour telling him why no person in Africa should ever doubt the ability of themselves or a small group of like minded people to change their situation and to effect change on the continent because it can happen. And giving him examples of how social movements that have a huge impact are often led by a very small group of people.

Personally I see Africa's housing challenges as a bad situation that is why for us at SAPIS "scrubbing off the muddy data"  has to be the next movement. Our dream is to empower people with the knowledge that will enable them take control of their destiny and plan their way out of living in discomfort.

Our dreams may be real but our plans give them breath

We have taken a step back to think, how can we really make it happen? What  steps it will take to change perceptions? And Its a pretty broad mix, we need everybody  writers, engineers, lawyers, we need everybody who can capture the imagination of the continent.  We understand how hard it will be and are definitely aware of how serious we need to be about everything its going to take to get to the change we want. But we are taking it on because there is nothing better that we can do.

People who are progressive and focused are Attractive, Lets make Africa Attractive. Join our movement to end the housing problems on the continent.

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