Property Market Booming in DRC Despite Political Uncertainty

In recent years the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has enjoyed improved security and political stability that has resulted in a rise in the countries Real estate sector. In fact in 2014 it was reported that Real estate, finance and services accounted for a larger percentage of the country's GDP than the mining sector did.Today Real estate is becoming a primary industry, in a country that solely relied on its natural resources for revenue.

A market that still remains largely in its infancy stage, DRCs real estate market offers huge opportunities for investors, giving the recent policy reforms coupled with a fast growing porpulation that is driving up the demand for housing in the country's ubarn nodes.

The government has also shown its commitment to creating an enabling environment for investors by its increased infrastructure spending that have seen roads and other public ammenities upgraded. These positive trends can be attributed to the current government, led by president Joseph Kabila and prime minister Augustin Matata Ponyo, who are keen to facilitate the flow of investment.

Measures taken by their government include reducing bureaucracy when starting a business, the implementation of anti-corruption programmes, and the privatisation of key sectors including oil, banking, telecommunications and utilities.

Despite these positive developments, there is still some nervoursness on the part of landlords and investors given the upcoming presidential elections this year. Analyst fear that if DRC’s president, Joseph Kabila attempts to cling to power by controversially seek a third term in office, it could lead to widespread violence.

Recently political tensions in the country escalated when Moïse Katumbi, a former close ally of the president, was charged with plotting a coup de ta just hours after he announced he would run for president in elections scheduled for later this year. The administration however has tried to quash the all negative rumours, but a sense of distrust remains among the public.

As a result Investors’ confidence has gained momentum, but This year’s election will be crucial to the real estate market and the country’s investment potential.

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