If We Can't Get The Job Done Ourselves, Who Can?”

There is a great parable from the book who moved my cheese, that says "the quicker you let go of your old cheese the sooner you find your new cheese". Who Moved My Cheese is a fable about two mice and two little people that live in a maze, and everyday the show up to the same spot in the maze and their cheese is there.

One day their cheese is gone, and the two mice kind of banter about and then they are off! they are looking for new cheese and the two little people sit there and say "I wonder  if i come back tomorrow my cheese will here?", they tried to rationalise where there cheese went. And they sulked and the, moped and they whined and cried about-where did their cheese go?. Finally one of the little people realised "I should be a lot more like my friends the two mice" because they didn't think about-why did I loose my old cheese? the just went and found new cheese.

He left his friend and jogged into the unknown and surely he found new cheese in large amounts and learnt some lessons along the way one of which was "When you change what you believe, You change what you do".

Ultimately our thoughts are influenced by the people around us. and sometimes thinking is the enemy of doing. In the real estate sector today I feel there are more "little people" than "mice". Majority seem to have zero faith in themselves or their vision. That is why if you cover up the project name and the builder logo in  a real estate proposal, there is no way in the world that you can tell one apart from the other. Everyone is doing the same thing, because they BELIEVE its the safe thing to do.

When you change what you believe You change what you do.

Whether we like it or not a lot of the challenges we face in Africa today stem from how the world perceives us and how we perceive ourselves.  For decades world has created a negative story about our continent. We have in turn believed these stories as the truth and have woven what other people say about us into our personal narrative and today we hold on dearly to many false myths.

If we  are ever going to change the housing situation on the continent for the better we need to dump these stories and be creative with telling our own story rather than holding on out of fear of the unknown.We need to examine different stories until we find the one that will bring us peace and prosperity and happiness.

If it happens we don’t know what we’re doing, then we will just have to figure it out ourselves. It is normal not know what you are doing.  In fact most  people in developed countries don’t know what they are doing anyway.

If we are not the people to get the job done then , who is?”

When you change what you believe You change what you do

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