How to Register a Business in Cape Verde

Recently Cape Verde made business start-up easier by eliminating the need for a municipal inspection before a business begins operations, computerising the system for delivering the municipal license and abolishing the minimum capital requirement.
Another  good news is that government of  Cape Verde has been steadily improving the conditions for foreign investment  and have shown commitment to enabling a transparent, competitive and dynamic business arena.
As a foreigner in Cape Verde, the basic foreign investment laws provide you the principle of equal treatment.

So what does it take to start a business in Cape Verde? 

According to data collected by Doing Business, starting a business in Cape Verde requires 7 Steps and will take approximately 10 days to complete, costs 14.80% of income per capita and requires paid-in minimum capital of 0.00% of income per capita.

As you know the world is changing rapidly we try our best to keep up to date and ensure that this information is accurate. But we are only human,  so if you find any inaccuracy please don't leave without making it known to us so we can keep helping others.

Listed below are the procedures hope it helps in your endeavour good luck!

Step 1: Search for company name and reserve the proposed name

Firstly you must provide the proposed company name and purpose.This research process is relatively fast as the it is computerised and conducted at  the Commercial Registry Department (Casa do Cidadão) who will ultimately approve or reject the name

Agency: Commercial Registry Department (Casa do Cidadão)
1 day CVE 600

Step 2: Registration with the commercial registry department

You now need to go to the Commercial Registry Department  (Casa do Cidadão), where the company’s registration will be completed through thier online registration system. The notice of incorporation is published in then Casa do Cidadão website. At this point you will also obtain tax identification number which is free of charge.

Agency: Commercial Registry Department (Casa do Cidadão)
Duration: 1 day
CVE 10,000 registration fee and a futher CVE 1,000 chamber of commerce fee

Step 3: You will  now need obtain municipal license

You will need two types of licenses: the municipal license and the license by activity. The municipal license is a must for all businesses operating in Praia. An inspection is usually carried out before the municipal license is granted. However, recent reforms mean you can start your operations before receiving the Municipal License. You can view the licence online at:"

Agency: Municipality
Duration:8 days 
Cost: CVE 30,000

Step 4: Register your workers with the Social Security Office 

You will need to register your companies workers at the Social Security Office (Instituto Nacional de Previdência Social) this registration is free of charge.

Agency: Social Security (Instituto Nacional de Previdência)
Duraation: 1 day, simultaneous with step3
Cost: no charge

Step 5: Register your workers with accident insurance at insurance company

As a business founder you  must register workers with accident insurance at your desired insurance company.

Agency: Insurance company.
1 day, simultaneous with step 4
no charge

Step 6: Register your workers at the labour inspectorate office

This is a must if your company will hire workers under a term contract.

Agency: Labour inspectorate office
1 day,simultaneous with step 5
no charge

Step 7: Obtain and legalise the company books

You can purchased the company books  at the “Imprensa Nacional” National Print for CVE 2,000. All pages have to be signed by the you.

Agency: National Print (Imprensa Nacional)
3 days, simultaneous with step 6
CVE 2,000

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