From Small Beginings Come Great things

In 2012 when we set out on a journey to change the worlds perception of our great continent Africa and drive investment into the Real Estate Sector, we were full of excitement and enthusiasm, little did we know what lay ahead and how tough it would be to achieve what we set out to do.We learnt the hard way, I'm not going to go into detail but lets just say sometimes running the business felt like chewing glass while staring at the abyss.

You see we had very huge dreams and were focused on achieving them that we neglected alot of the small steps we needed to make to bring them to reality.I'm writing this post today because I just came across a highlight video of our very first event SAPIS2013 and for the first time I took the small step of watching it to the end. A message at the end really got me thinking about how far we have come as a company since 2013.

I believe now that its very important to have big dreams. But always remember to ask yourself what small steps can I take to achieve those dreams.

Today even though our scope has become broader I still feel like we are at the "beginning" in relation to our goals, but when I look back at how it all started and where we are today, I realize how much progress we have made. And I am full of immense gratidue to everyone that has contributed to our cause in one way or the other.

What small step can you take today?
As usual, the action happens in the comments below. Leave a comment! or Alernatively you can visit our website and register for the upcoming SAPIS 
Have a great weekend!

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