SAPIS's Responsibilty to Future Generations

At SAPIS we believe the greatest investment in Sub-Saharan Africa is in its people because they are the main driving force behind the growth in the region to this end we are making access to this platform ABSOLUTELY FREE enabling real estate professionals in the region to gain expert insight into new market trends, learn where the opportunities are and have direct contact with potential partners, customers or even employer/employee from around the world.

Responsibilty to future generations

The SAPIS team consist of professionals from all over the world that are all driven by one common goal - "LOVE AND PASSION FOR THE CONTINENT" to this end profits from this virtual platform will also go towards assisting non-profit organisation working to improve the well being of the people. Main Area of interest to us is the high rate of deaths during childbirth around the Sub-Saharan region.


The Problem

Bleeding and cross Infection between Mother and New Born Child is an issue affecting childbirth death rates in the region for Mothers unable to seek hospital help and advice. Complications at birth surrounding cross infection are causes for concern as these represent an easily rectifiable problem with a cost effective solution.

How we help

Donation of a solution that will help save the lives of Women and Children and seek to further the efforts of all conscientious parties involved.

The solution - Emergency OB kits

The Emergency Obstetrical kit helps minimise infection related complications for both Mother and Baby. Comprising of everything that is needed for a successful birth in at home, or away from professional medical assistance. obkits

The standard pack comprises of Apgar scoring chart Sterile latex-free gloves Umbilical cord clamps Disposable scalpel Sterile pads, towels and bandages Gauze sponges Placenta disposal bag with ties Infant cap Foil heat blankets Scissors ID tags Diapers Umbilical cutting system.

We encourage non-profit organisations who are involved in distribution of solutions that help to reduce this problem to partner with us. Contact us at or call +44 208 123 8344

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